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Analyzing the influence of new media on newspapers businesses in Switzerland, the role of the government and the future of both media

Langues anglaise

1. Introduction
1.1. Motivation
2. Context
2.1. The evolution of the consumption of the media in the last 50 years
2.2. Changes in the media landscape in the past 15 years with Internet
2.3. Popularity of the different types of information media in Switzerland
2.4. Need for information in Switzerland in 2010
2.5. Public opinion and media in Switzerland
3. Newspaper and new media businesses
3.1. Advertising in the media in Switzerland
3.1.1. Comparing advertising investments in the press and Internet
3.2. Evolution of the newspaper market in Switzerland
3.2.1. State of the newspapers market in 2010 in Switzerland
3.2.2. Problems the newspaper industry had to face in the last ten years
3.3. Significance of the press in Switzerland for the public
3.4. Significance of the press in Switzerland for the politics
3.5. The evolution of the new media market in Switzerland
4. Competitive differences between newspapers and new media
4.1. Advantages of the newspapers over the new media
4.2. Advantages of the new media over the newspapers
4.2.1. The new generation and the new media
5. Consequences of changes in the media landscape to information
5.1. Changes in information methods since the emergence of new media
5.2. The information business
5.3. Defining quality of information’s evolution the since the emergence of new media
5.3.1. Difference of information’s quality between newspapers and new media
5.3.2. Can the public do without higher information’s quality?
6. Newspapers and new media in confront
6.1. Can newspapers and new media work together?
6.1.1. From the newspapers standpoint, how can they compete with new media?
6.1.2. Do newspapers and new media have a future in the Swiss market?
6.2. Journalism in the new media era
7. The Swiss government’s role
7.1. Influence of new media on Swiss newspapers
7.2. Possible measures for the Swiss government
7.2.1. Guarantee freedom of speech
7.2.2. Economical measures
7.2.3. Legal measures
7.2.4. Measures regarding education towards media
7.2.5. New information entity
7.3. Reasons to help newspapers for the Swiss government
7.4. Indirect versus direct aids
7.4.1. Indirect aids
7.4.2. Direct aids
7.4.3. Verdict
8. The next steps for both businesses
8.1. Possible solutions for the newspapers in order to survive in the actual market
8.1.1. A business model that can work in the new media era
8.1.2. Eventuality of abandoning the print form for the newspapers
8.1.3. Other solutions
8.2. The future of newspapers in Switzerland
8.3. The future of new media in Switzerland
9. Conclusions
10. Bibliography