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7.2. Possible measures for the Swiss government

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At the end of the month of November 2010, there was a forum at the University of Fribourg called “State and Media”. The goal of the conferences was to analyze the role the state has to play in the media business in Switzerland and how they can help the press continue to exist. This chapter will reflect a lot of ideas that were discussed during the forum.

Before looking closer at the possible measures available it must be reminded that the Swiss political system is very particular. In this direct democracy that is in place citizens have a lot of power and responsibility. This enhances the fact that they have to be informed well in order to take decisions that have been well-considered. So the Swiss can take those decisions there must be a pluralism of opinions available in the media. People have to be able to choose different contents and not have always the same opinion on the subject. The media plays a role that is vital in the forming of the opinion and the state in Switzerland has to offer good framework conditions to guarantee the pluralism. Furthermore the state should not have a say in the contents of the media so they do not influence citizens. This is the general idea of the role of the Swiss government.

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