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7.4.3. Verdict

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In Switzerland the best way to proceed would be to stick to indirect aids as long as possible. If the sum that is provided by the government for the framework conditions is raised substantially and other propositions that have been made are followed then the Swiss traditional press could survive. It must be remembered that even though they face adversity Swiss newspapers are still in good shape in comparison to the majority of other countries around the world. If indirect help is not enough then the confederation should begin to think about a way to save newspapers with direct funding. But this method should be avoided as long as possible. In France there are different examples of the state influencing newspapers contents and if Switzerland can keep away from such occurrences it would be healthier for the democracy. The task ahead would not be easy but newspapers are an important part of Swiss society and the country cannot afford to lose them entirely. If these aids are not sufficient in the long term, then the government should explore the possibility of creating a new information source, as explained in section 7.2.5

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