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7.2.4. Measures regarding education towards media

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A following domain where the government could help is by putting emphasis on the importance of the media in Switzerland. In order to do that they could first of all help finance the Swiss universities develop journalists. So Switzerland can have great journalism they should have great journalists. And it begins with their education in the universities. Like it was suggested for newspapers, universities that offer great programs in journalism could receive more money from the state because it serves a public interest. They could help programs that offer courses or seminars on online journalism as well, like it is the case at the Axel Springer journalist school: “They integrated online modules in the education programs of the schools. Other institutions organize special seminars on online journalism.”(61) There are many other propositions made in the book of Dr. Gabriele Hoofacker that could be studied by the authorities.

The government could insert a new subject in the school programs as well that would teach the decoding of the media. Young people are less interested by media than before and part of the explanation is that they do not understand it. A class that teaches on the subject would certainly lead the younger generations regain interest in the media and their information. One additional possibility would be for the government to encourage programs that talk about the media. Such programs are very rare nowadays in the Swiss media landscape. To cite an example there is the radio broadcast Médialogues on the Radio Suisse Romande. Citizens would benefit from such programs because they help understand how the media works and people benefit from this extra knowledge. The problem is that in 2010 there are too few programs like Médialogues. Even this example has problems because it is broadcasted at a time of low listening time. But the state could facilitate the creation of that type of programs, in particular on television because the audiences are generally larger than the ones of the radio.

61 Hooffacker, p. 220

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