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7.2.5. New information entity

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The last suggestion that is going to be presented is the idea to create a new information entity to ensure quality of information. This would be in a case in which the other measures do not permit to save journalism. Bertil Cottier believes it will be the case presents how this new information tool would shape up:

“In this perspective it is time to consider the creation of a public institution for information (whatever its format: audiovisual, multimedia or simply written). It would be financed by state taxes but it would independent from the State. It would hold the charge to ensure quality and diversity through obligation of contents. In other words we plead for a strong return of the public utility that would in the appropriate manner select, explain and comment. The other supplier of information would be free to operate as they wish and would be submitted only to the general competition right (concerning the guarantee of the market freedom) and to the common right of communication. Rather than imposing multiple constraints to private businesses we can let them do what they want. And if they drift there will always be a source of good quality information available. The goal is simply to transform the public utility broadcasting in a large-scaled source of information and in various formats.” Cottier, p. 257-258

This list of ideas represents the majority of the opinions in the minds of people who work with or for the media. It is far from exhaustive but there are already many possibilities for the government to work with. Their field of action is still open and the future will tell what strategies and measures the state decides to adopt in order to shape the media landscape.

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