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2.4. Need for information in Switzerland in 2010

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In 2010 there are so much more information channels than fifty years ago. How can this be explained? First aspect is that the technology available is now very large. This availability enables to create different types of media and hence more information channels, because for instance a newspaper can now have a print form, an e-paper form on the Internet and be on an electronic device like the iPad. The fact that there is more technology now does not explain by itself the growth of information channels. Another aspect, which is even more fundamental, is that people are nowadays more demanding when it comes to information.

The public looks for information that is quickly available as seen before. If an event worthy of attention occurs the vast majority of the Swiss citizens want to be informed just after that particular event happened. But before thinking about getting the information quickly the first thing is to get the information itself. Swiss people have in general a significant need for information. The fact that they look to get it quickly can prove it in part. Even more illustrative to prove the need for information in Switzerland is the readers‟ feedback. More than ever in the time of the web 2.0, people react to the information that is given to them. If you go on the homepage of any major newspaper in Switzerland and read the main article you will have commentaries about it almost every time. People like to give their opinion on the information that is sent their way. And commentaries are the easiest way to give a feedback.

But they react in print newspaper as well. The print press in Switzerland gets a lot of mail from readers that want to reflect on published articles.

Sometimes it even creates a debate between readers in the newspaper even though it takes time and resources to answer back. And nowadays the time budget of the Swiss population is smaller in comparison to a few years back.

These aspects help make the case that in 2010 the need for information in Switzerland is very significant. People like to know the actuality of their city, region or country.

This is a positive aspect for the information business in general and for the newspapers in particular, because their content will draw interest and therefore help continue their industry, not only right now but in the future years as well.

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