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7.2.1. Guarantee freedom of speech

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To follow that general statement on the role of the government more details can be added. One vital aspect of the democratic state is the idea of the freedom of press. This has to be absolutely guaranteed in Switzerland and it is the role of the state to accomplish that. They have to assure that the freedom of press is always kept and not try to influence the media in a way or another. The argument is the same for the freedom of speech. Basically media should be able to express what they feel is relevant and always be able to spread that relevant information. And the state should not intervene in that diffusion of information. Of course for that concept to work journalists have to be responsible in the information they choose and offer contents that are pertinent and significant. They should not present controversial articles just for the sake of the audience without leaning on a valid proof.

In a way state and media have to become close partners that work together when needed but keep their independence as well when the situation requires it. There must be choice in the range of media that is offered for citizens in Switzerland and that choice is slowly but surely decreasing. And pluralism is vital for Switzerland. Because of the political system and because of “the necessity to ensure to the large amount of regions of a country, as mixed as Switzerland is, proximity media, that are sensitive to the specific interests of the local people and minorities.(59)” Furthermore one thing that should absolutely banish is the intervention of the state in media contents. This would create obvious problems for the democracy.

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