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1.1. Motivation

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Before and during my studies at the Univeristà della Svizzera italiana I have always been fascinated by the media in general. I believe that they are “our window to the world, yet also function as its mirror; media reflect and direct at the same time”(2) as Mark Deuze says. Without the media the society is without a doubt completely different. I wanted to know better in particular newspapers and how they work as a business. I have a fascination for them and I believe this paper is a way to understand in a more precise way a lot more details about them. As far as the new media goes, I had the opportunity to work in the domain during my internship and I really liked what I did. I also believe they have a bright future ahead, so this is a chance to investigate about them more.

But my real motivation is the fact that I wanted to treat a problem that is very actual, which is the case with the colliding between new media and traditional press. Also there are not a lot of works on the subject so this was an interesting and motivating challenge to face.

My hope is that this paper could be helpful for students and maybe professionals as well to help understand a little better how the emergence of the new media has influenced newspapers.

2 Deuze, p. 145

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