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Executive Summary

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Executive Summary

In order to illustrate my thesis I choose to use the mind mapping. I contract it around 8 subjects that for me are important in order to understand the complexity of the technology.

History : First we have to know the history of this technology by exploring the references and the principles. One thing that we should to keep in mind is that holography was created in 1947 by Denis Gabor, then studied by several researchers is nowadays going to know a great upheaval with the arrival digital. To understand holography it is important to know how it works, and it requires a distinction between the white light and laser light. Indeed, the laser light has an opening in the scope of holography. Then in a last time one must understand the distinction between the three types of holograms that seemed to me interesting to study (Hologram by transmission, reflection or rainbow).

News : News of holography is an important part that can be found at all levels of my study. It can be seen that the holographic technology is present today and it continues to grow in many markets. Often relayed by the various channels by creating internet buzz (Hologram Tupac or Kate Moss), holograms continue to attract the admiration of the public and most of the blogs on the new technologies of tomorrow, place the hologram as a niche market in the next 10 years. Today, holograms are present in the airports of Orly and Manchester, they are also used in the windows of clothing stores, and even more amazing a true pop star named Hastun comes to raise millions of fans in China .

Innovation : Innovation is at the heart of a developing technology and especially when prospects are strong uses. Over the past 60 years innovations have enabled a better understanding of the holographic tool. Everything begins with the invention of the laser, and the greatest innovation is still very recent, that of being able to touch and interact with holograms. Thus the aim of combining the real and virtual is now possible to open and explore fields.
Market: Market analysis in several markets is important to understand what are tomorrow’s markets on which holography can be integrated. Nowadays holography is used in military sector, communication, aerospace, optic and art … But it seems that it can be integrated into new markets such as museums, medicine and music…

Firms : A study of companies in the market allows us to understand how the market stands and what are the biggest players. Each company studied is present in a distinct market (fun, safety or events).
– The company is a pioneer in 3D Event achieving hologram and holds the largest hologram produced in the world.
– The company Hologram Industries is on the security market and works with public and private institutions around the world to fight counterfeit identity documents through holography (Protection of banknotes, security passports and identity cards, development of new technologies …)

Product : I chose to study three forms of making a hologram :
– Holoscreen : Allows through glass to project a holographic video creating the illusion, it is widely used by shops that wish to communicate in a fun way on their range of products, even when the shop is closed.
– Holomove : Built in boxes, hologram comes alive, the technique is used for companies who wish to communicate on a product in showrooms or in their shop, the advantage of presenting a product without necessarily produce it, it allows to a better management of stocks according to the application.
– Holofree : The hologram takes its place in space, the potential of uses are large. From live concert music of big legends to coach staff at home by a holographic professional, this technology has not stop to be developed.

Issues : The issues in question allow us to know the barriers to develop the technology on a larger scale. The big issue is the price in order to democratize technology and allow everyone to use it. Legal issues should be implemented in the coming years if the hologram is democratized as a communication tool. Other issues such entry in new markets (telecommunications…) and other issues about concerning human and ethical issues because technology should not replace human beings but it must be used in order to improve their daily lives.

– Other companies like Litiholo that sells kits available holographic kits for wide public or Nintendo partnership with other companies creating video games of tomorrow (cf touchable holograms).

Use : This concept is divided into two parts, uses of today and tomorrow. The study of future uses is to assess the possible fields of application. Nowadays holography is widely used especially in the army, art, and aerospace. Tomorrow we will use holography to store our data; we also use to communicate with people at seminars, conferences or personal capacity.

“Thanks to the Visioline, the object or person 3D can fleet in the air. Again, you can mix the real and the virtual, but we can mainly interact with the hologram”

by Stanislas Mercier

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