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How Holography can tap new markets and change the way we communicate ?

With the development of the numeric, holography can reach new perspectives. Holography is a technology that fascinates because besides these many applications such as security, biotechnology, and aeronautics… it is becoming the technology of tomorrow. When you think back to the last major technological upheavals of recent years there has been a step forward in the means of communication.

Communication nowadays has a prominent place in our modern societies. It allows everyone to be connected and linked in order to share information and learn from each, other. After computers, mobile phones, internet … technologies around us tend to some form of cognitive intelligence. The virtual mingle intelligently in the real world, in interaction to improve the actual conditions. Holography is at any point in the quest for intelligent technology.

We could mention other examples, such as the Google augmented reality glasses that perfectly illustrates this desire to give the virtual world to the real. We can also refer to the automation that combines electronics, computer building… The common point between all these innovative technologies is their high cost which in a market crisis is difficult to locate when the challenge of the day is to stop waste. But sometimes the introduction of a new technology in the market gives a lot of opportunities in our actual economy.

Holography is a blend of several disciplines: optics (branch of physics), photography (branch of chemistry), and electronics. The advent of laser holography allowed knowing a rapidly changing impressive. In 60 years of existence, it continues to democratize and according to some experts its arrives sooner than we think in our lives. Most agree to say that in the next 15-20 years, holography will be part of our daily lives. The most amazing of this technology is that it is virtually anonymous to the general public; the only known references in the field are the projection of the “Princess Leia” in Star Wars and more recently in the hologram TUPAC featuring Snoop Dog.

When I chose to study this technology it was firstly a curiosity, and then I came to the idea of studying the concept of a commercialization. Is there a business opportunity in the field? If the predictions of some experts on the democratization of this technology are good, what is the cost and the market? In fact, as any innovative technology and unknown, there is a cost, but it could change with time and research.

The digital holography has really found its place in the luxury industry, thrill seeking, the luxury industry has always been a pioneer in visual communication refined and fascinating. Today digital holography takes its place in fashion shows, product presentations in various industries including the auto industry (which you can see the object but also all the components of a car). The hologram turns and takes artistic air to align horizontally with buildings older than 100 years (video mapping). Holography is constantly interfering in various sectors while maintaining some form of discretion.

This paper first discusses fundamental, holography must be included in the database to study the contours. The basic principles are the use of laser and different forms and uses of holography. Then the paper discusses the case of firms in different markets, but using the same manufacturing processes. Then in terms of openness we see any other technologies such as holography seems to have their place in a future that is close to us.

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