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Throughout this study we have noticed that holography is a technology still very new and little known on the market today. However, with the development of digital, issues are larger and offered a new dimension to the development of holography. The question I asked myself throughout this study was whether holography can prove to be a niche market. The answer to this question is positive.

The real advantage of holographic technology is that it allows to print one image at a time T and able to reproduce the same in 3D. I believe this is the future of photography. Holography pushes further reproduction of the image, because it gives him life.

If in the next fifteen years, holography will be part of our daily lives, then the development of new techniques to reduce the final cost and make it accessible to the large number, remains a challenge that must be addressed.

Different ways of use are considerable security, museum, medicine, archeology, art, information backup; aeronautics … The only obstacle to its use is related firstly to the cost not just the raw materials and know-how, but also because it is a technology confined in laboratories. Throughout this study I realized that the development of this technology has taken a decisive step and exponential growth over the past 20 years. With the advent of digital, the possibilities of uses will only be strengthened.

So I think there is a real niche market to be exploited in holography and attempt to democratize. I believe holography is that the future of photography. It is easily possible to imagine a photo shoot banal and restore the scene as a hologram.

At the beginning of my research, I thought holograms were a fictive technology which few people use. In fact I realized that without being noticed, holograms are everywhere in our daily lives, whether it is a simple passport to our banknotes.

What I retain from this research is that holography can offer many solutions in various sectors of the art and medicine. However, this technology has brakes, such as respect for different specific parameters to ensure holographic printing (vibration, dust, light, laser alignment …). Therefore before mastering this technology we must first understand the basics that constitutes and requires technical mastery in the field. Because even if we have submitted (in theory) as a technology easy to reproduce, it takes a minimum of knowledge in the field. In recent years we have seen a real boom company offering assembly kits ready to use (Litiholo…), but before that this technology will be part of our daily lives the research have to continue.

While digital holography opens perspectives in the field of industrial applications, artists have recognized the potential of holography and benefit. The holographic art brings a new mode of expression, new perspectives and opportunities to give an original dimension to creativity ; creativity of a new area, the area of light. Each artist that creates a hologram is unique because many choices are possible at different stages of the design and it gives original concepts.

What surprised me most is that holography has been around us for over 60 years and from today only a handful of business are on the market and remains rather discreet about to technological progress. However, during the last 10 years and especially the last 5 years, holographic communication seems to grow exponentially. First popular in the luxury industry, it tends to democratize and to attract new industries. The car industry tries to use it in order to show all pieces that compose the car during the promotional campaign (Eg. of Lancia or BMW). They can show each component and communicate more closely to their customers.

This research comforted me the choices I want to do in the near future, to invest myself in holography. The aim will be to develop new ideas of uses, trying to reach an audience and developing concepts available for each other.

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