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How Holography can tap new markets and change the way we communicate ?

Research and development: Develop new products accessible to as many or even consider partnerships between manufacturers and mobile telephony agencies that develop holograms.

In addition it would be interesting to approach the Nan- technology with holographic technology.

New products expected in the next few years or even days, it seems that future computers would incorporate holographic memory, which would allow us to store data of 1 trillion. Capabilities of holography are endless regarding data backups as they are printing data at a time T.

Continue research into holograms that interact with the touch.

Product: Developing indoor products, type of decoration furniture at affordable prices to the general public. Collaboration with manufacturers in mobile would probably lead to a combination of the two technologies.

Price: Find solutions to reduce production costs by expanding the panel of suppliers and playing on the global competition. The cost remains the key issues in the democratization of technology. However, like any technology called rare, the price seems to be justified.

Export: The transfer of technology is important, especially as some countries stand out enough in research on holograms such as USA, Canada, France, Japan, and Germany… So an alliance of several skills would advance research and explore ways still unknown.

Communication: The media buzz is through social networks and other online video sites are currently the best relay information because they affect more wide range. The generation most likely to appropriate the technology is the generation that is in 18-30 years, this generation has evolved into a world of computers and advanced technology. Consequently the brands opt for holographic communication must convey the message to people knowledgeable and focused.

Communications market

For example on the communications market where average in France, we allocate 5% of turnover, which remains relatively low. Many companies that are engaged in holography events have had to relate to another market because the cost was not conducive to the development of products. However, we note that some companies have been able to set up and are currently enjoying an international reputation (3D event, Vizoo, Animatik Studio). These companies are still scarce while demand is growing.

Indeed, following the crisis, many companies rely on communication in order to stand out, but also survive in an environment of increasingly competitive. Therefore communication holography can be a great way to stand out and acquire new customers. The approximation that can be made between the event and the brand lies in creativity, and amalgam is quickly made. For now many luxury brands (Diesel, Alexander McQueen, Villa …), cars (Lancia, Nissan, BMW) have embarked on the adventure and could raise media fallout after the event.

Therefore the challenge is to be able to offer a wider range of business solutions in holographic communication to more affordable, more accessible. The average price of rental equipment holographic hovers around € 15,000, and before this technology fall into habits, it is difficult for SMEs to invest in this technology.

I recommend to companies working in this sector, soliciting any kind of retail customers as that could innovate in these outlets. The food industry could use it to offer products and so master these stocks.

Security market

Technology holograms on the security market have declined due to the reduction of air traffic and the collapse of the automobile industry. But on the other side with the renovation of banknotes and identity cards in many countries has led to a greater development of sales of holograms. Hologram Industries company demonstrates the result of excellent results over the years.

Nowadays holograms on the security market are the most reliable indicators existing and accessible to all. It is not surprising that sales of holograms are growing exponentially. I guess with the increase of globalization and increase of exchanges, controls will increase also which is a huge opportunity for the holographic market, some examples are significant like countries from BRIIC.

I recommend Hologram Industries to implement the various emerging countries continuing expansion of mergers and acquisitions.

Art Market

The art market since the beginning that is interested in holography is not a profitable market themselves as artists create visual art without needing to outsource their needs. However, we can imagine that the holographic art takes place at the household or museums.

I think there is a real market in holographic art that is not used by major museums, for example. We could easily see a drawing on the other side of the world without damaging the original picture. So many works today may revive and be exposed for all to see. The advantage to holograph works of art allows us to have a backup 3D artistic heritage we have.

I recommend museums to use holographic techniques in order to present their works to the world.


Applications in medicine are considerable, even if the technology of 3D via computers is effective. But the advantage provided by the hologram power and size, apply direct solutions to the problem. Many innovations are emerging daily in holography. Including holography is possible to reach and act on it (innovation Japan). The combination of this new technology is still in its testing stage, medicine, would act directly on the patient’s case without prejudice to his condition.

Music – Media – Movies

The holograms are beginning to be used by the music industry such as hologram Fergie to NRJ music awards, and more recently the hologram TUPAC which created a real buzz around the world. And in the music industry, holograms would revive some great artists or rather as in China, where the singer Hatsun completely virtual gathered millions of people.

Within the media uses can be varied, such as an interview with a person who could not move. The latest example dates back to 2008 elections in the United States, where for the first time a correspondent was interviewed on the set of CNN.

Holographic projection in the film industry has a certain future according to some specialists; it could also supplant 3D in several years. However it does not appear to be essential, because the 2D rendering gives excellent and sufficient. More risks to human vision are larger and require vigilance for children less than 10 years. Currently the center of Futuroscope in France has already invested in 3D and holography, it remains a leisure center.

Within households

Applications of the hologram within households may be multiple such as coaching, videophone, during sports, cooking, training … The real challenge to the democratization of holograms is the price, so I think that nanotechnology may be a solution to the price reduction equipment.

As a recommendation I think holography has a clear growth potential considering the various technological advances that surrounds us, but also the overall situation in which we are. For crisis, innovation is the key output; it can stimulate growth and create new market opportunities. Research must continue to make this technology available to the greatest number.


I think it would be possible to create holographic cameras that would record a photo and who would restore through a plate holographic projection, so our holiday memories could come to life in 3D.

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