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Chapter 3 : IVS Technologies

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Established in 1995, IVS Technologies has acquired over the years a strong expertise in audiovisual equipment rental equipping all types of events (show, parade, concert, convention) and TV trays.

IVS is able to offer equipment suitable for the case:

– Professional informative messages or display signage company, equipment conference room, training room, advertising screens for space communication outlets…
– Private : installation of screens or creating room totally dedicated to a home theater setup.

a) ID Business Card

ID Business Card''

b) Management :

The management is oriented to the client so the customer relation management is the foundation of the company. They use active listening for their clients by being available 7 days / 7 and 24 hours/24.

c) Field of application :

The company rents audiovisual material for businesses or individuals.

Number of employees: More than 88 employees are in the company.

– Event service: 44 peoples
– Sales and TV service: 38 peoples
– Agency at Paris (La Chapelle): 3 peoples
– Agency at Strasbourg: 3 peoples

d) Product

Range of product

It is possible to rent, per day, different kind of screen indoor or outdoor from 40€ (without tax) to more than 7000€, depending to the demand and uses.

Range of product

Projector :

It is possible to rent, per day, projector from 250€ (without tax) to 6500€.


Plasma screen :

It is possible to rent, per day, plasma screen from 220€ (without tax) to 2400€.

Plasma screen

LCD screen :

It is possible to rent, per day, LCD screen from 50€ (without tax) to more than 650€.

LCD screen

Holographic system

Holographic system

e) Markets served

The company works mainly with companies grouped into three industries: media (X factor), music or event (Cesar’s nomination), communication (Samsung, Valli’s fashion show). IVS has already been proven in these concerts, TV shows followed by many spectators in showrooms and event communication sensation.

f) Facilities

Built: IVS is at “La Plaine Stade de France” with storage and office of 3500m ², the storage capacity is 1500m ². They also have an Agency at “Porte de la Chapelle” in Paris and another in Strasbourg.

g) Experience

In exports to other countries: IVS have different partners such as Mitsubishi, Sharp, Sony Pioneer… The similitude between all their partners is innovation. All of those companies create innovative solutions in their market.

In research and development: The Company develops different kind of product in order to keep competitive advantage in their original market. The real issue is that the company develop concept in many domains: Panels used in walls, acoustic chairs, elevators, terminals holographic universal remote… The holographic research begins just since 2008.

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