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Chapter 4 : Vizoo

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a) ID Business Card

Vizoo is a Danish advertising film company specializing in advanced video design. Their patented products count FreeFormatTM, VideoLogoTM and Cheoptics360TM.

ID Business Card'''

b) Product


c) Markets served

They served companies for their advertising campaign by proposing innovative solutions through holograms. They have a lot of clients all around the world, such as Adidas, Microsoft, Diesel, Nissan…

d) Quality

Founded in 2004, they are pioneers in the market, well known and recognized all around the world (USA, Western and North Europe, Japan and South Africa). Their innovative solutions and relevant partnership make them credible about their quality products.

e) Facilities

Built : They are located in Germany since 2012, thanks to a partnership with Mad Hat GmbH.


In exports to other countries : The Company made some relevant partnership in developed countries that have knowledge in optics and holographic development: USA, Canada, Germany, France, Switzerland, Russia, Japan, and Brazil…

In research and development : They detain 3 patents, and sell them all around the world for advertising companies’ needs.

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