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Mediation Multimedia Museum

“This dissertation will try to explain how multimedia unfolded art space out of the museum’s architectural boundaries to help it accomplish its mission to reach the general public. In the sixties, the birth of an institutional criticism claimed by artists forces the museum to take conscience of its perception and adapt, taking us from an abundance of framed artworks to a purified aethetic putting the objet first. The suject is uncontextualized in the “white cube”, free to exist without worrying about the public. Pushed by state’s democratization’s will the museum turns to cultural mediation and understands the need to an intermediate medium in order to enhance its transmission’s goals and allow the public to appropriate art for himself. Leisure and interactive media seems an ideal vector between institution’s collections and the unthinking public. In situ multimedia, an intuitive approach of artworks, is seen as an addition to the visit. The computerization of french society due to the picture’s numerical dematerialization and the modernization of telecommunication networks by the internet results in a national material questioning. Thanks to the advent of new technologies the museum’s conception evolves from architectural to dematerialized, entailing modifications of the social link instaured by web 2.0 and social networks giving birth to virtual communities.”

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