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5) Spatial elevator(7)

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Technology space elevators took a new turn in the conquest of space. This idea again is not new as it dates from the late 19th century by a Russian astronaut. It seems that by 2050, the Japanese in collaboration with several organizations all around the world, they should build the first space elevator in the world. The idea is to use carbon nanotube cables having the property of being 20 times stronger than steel. The project proposes a cable hundred thousand kilometers. One end is attached to a ground station and the other space with a counterweight. Space Station will contain laboratories and rooms powered by solar panels. The elevator could take thirty people at 200 km / h. This means that the trip would take more than 7 days. They think of linear magnetic motors for propulsion along the cable. They do not yet know the cost of the project. Meanwhile, it is no longer a dream, but a project.

7 See appendix 3

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