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Chapter 5 : An expensive technology

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Holography is currently a technology that remains expensive, requiring resources, skills, technology, technology tips to have a satisfactory final. The image of the object must be recorded in the darkroom, the object must be absolutely still, and the laser light used in this process can be dangerous for the eye. The reconstruction process is very efficient. In addition, to avoid vibration, the registration must be done remotely (in another room as the holographic assembly) similar as a red room of photography.

And digital appears as one of the solutions in order to reduce the cost of holograms. Nowadays holography is integrated into several areas and it is difficult to define a cost. We can still get an idea by comparing the different products on the current market. Then I will try to cost of a particular construction who wants to build a platform with holographic technology.

I think most of the nano technology would reduce costs and develop more energy-efficient products.

For instance in order to rent for a year an Helio display the price is between 7500 to 50 000 euro depending to the size. And with nearly 50,000 euros for the purchase of a Cheoptics a meter and a half and 16.000 euros for the rental of a model of five meters per day (with realization of content), holography is still reserved for professionals. This is an answer of why this technology is for the moment reserved for big companies with big budget which explains the attraction of the luxury industry.

An expensive technology

On the market there are few companies that sell kits ready for the preparation of holograms (or Litiholo Integraf). However, this type of product is reserved for people knowledgeable and passionated. The kits are sold for a value of $ 99.

However holography can have its place in the field of music, where legends like Elvis Presley, Bob Marley, or more recently Michael Jackon can be resurrected on stage with holography, and although it is certain that such event can find its audience that would be ready to spend a lot to relive a moment like this.

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