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4) Augmented reality

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Augmented reality is a discipline that integrates overlay 3D models or 2D to real world. Again, augmented reality is a cross-discipline, which affects all kinds of field such as education, film, television, medical, biotechnology…

In this area we can mention Google, which recently has been promoting a new product: the augmented reality glasses. For the moment the product is not commercialized because it is only at the prototype stage, but it could soon land on the market. From other major manufacturers like Nokia phones which in recent years has lost considerable market share due to the arrival of Smartphones is also developing its intention to enter the market through a promotional video. We can ask about the dangers of hyper-exposure to this kind of technology on human beings, but it is possible that its use may facilitate our relationship with the environment.


– Nokia Future technology:
– Google rality agmented glasses:

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