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2) Communication sector in France

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The actual market :

In 2010, there are currently about 650 branches. In this work they are 6825 collaborators. (10.5 employees per agency)

– 58% of people working in the sector events agencies are women.
– Average agency performs in 3.59 M € of turnover per year.
– Agency industry event communication weighs 2.33 Billion Euros of turnover.
– 19% of event organizers belong to a network or group.
– 45% of agencies adhere to a professional association or union.

Example: ANAE (Association of Communication Agencies events), SNAV (national organization of travel professionals)…

The events industry is a market of national origin :

– 84% of operations (events) are sponsored by French customers.
– The podium of the foreign issuer market: USA – Italy – United Kingdom.
– Recall 2007: USA – UK – Germany.

The events are organized mainly in France: 71.5% of events were organized in France including:

The events are organized mainly in France

– 60% in Ile de France
– 17% in Paca
– 17% in the Rhône-Alpes
– 6% in Aquitaine
– 3% in Midi-Pyrenees

There is therefore about 90% of events held in France are organized in the Ile de France region.

A highly focused towards companies :

– 83% of operations organized by the agencies are companies that destination remains their main customers.
Other types of customers are government agencies, associations and other clients.

The business sectors carriers are :

– The Finance, Bank, Insurance 49%
– Chemistry, Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics 38%
– Industry 31%
– Computer, The Office, The Telecom 28%

Sectors that organize more events are those of Finance, Bank and Insurance.

Distribution of different types of events in France in 2010

A highly focused towards companies

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