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3) Hologram as an advertisement support

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The use of the hologram in business communication is a real asset, avant-garde and cutting edge technology. Demand is real because in a context of increasingly globalized competition the differentiation through innovation is a bold and thoughtful meet consumer expectation in terms of communication.

Indeed, today’s consumer seeks to be amazed, surprised, but mostly it gives them dream. Holography as a tool of communication is still very new, and tries some breakthroughs in the world of event communication. So thanks to holography, companies have new ways of communication by using innovative technologies in order to catch the attention in an environment under exposed by advertising.

Different product are currently on the market, such as Holoscreen, which are completely translucent slabs and gives the impression of floating in a light giving a new dimension to space and home sales. The Holoscreen have the distinction of being completely innovative it gives to the brand and more precisely the product, the visibility to create the surprise of the consumers. The advantage of Holoscreen, is that it is visible even in bright sunlight; this clouding captures and multiplies the maximum of brightness and contrast.

The range of products we study comes in three forms :

– Plate projection : Holoscreen
– Projection in Motion : Holomove
– Free projection : Holofree

Customers might be interested in this new technology are mainly large companies that have adequate budgets to offer. The prices of different products are based on the degree of innovation, the size, but also raw materials and know-how used. Let focus on two specific ways to use holograms: Holoscreen and Holomove. This study will permit us to have a clear vision in the market, by analyzing the potential of this product and opportunities around it.

One of the big challenges is to create those kind of products available for the large public. It could be interesting to see if people are aware to use this kind of technology as a decorative object.

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