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1) Marketing Analysis

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a) ID Business Card

ID Business Card'

b) Management :

The management in 3D event is shared around two leaders; the first one is Jean Luc Peyno which is also the chief executive of the company and Alain Conraud which is the scientific director. Each of them plays his leadership in his local which are not situated at the same place. The management in 3D event is bilateral because in one quarter the management is dedicated to commercials and in the other one the management is more formal, because people are engineers and Scientifics.

Jean Luc Peyno say: “The management objective for the fulfillment of its employees in the interest in the life of the company through open communication, providing training and giving those opportunities.”

c) Field of application :

3DEvent is a company that produces 3D holograms embedded in a box or floating in the air, there is absolutely no need to wear glasses. The heart of the company can be found through research and development. The goal is to magnify the communication of the advertiser and subjugate the public.

3D event answers to various communication problems product or company wishing to stand out from the competition :

– Communication event
– Product launch
– VIP Parties
– Fun Animation
– Discovery
– CLV and POS upscale
– Staging, museum
– Conducting of seminars, conferences …

d) Employees :

The team is composed of commercials and optics engineers. Two leaders appear in the hierarchy: Jean Luc Peyno and Alain Conraud.

Jean Luc Payno is the CEO and founder of 3D event, graduate from the Institute of Industrial Chemistry and Physics, an engineer by training; he turned in the development of new technologies for the account of the events and communication. He has combined techniques of optical engineering to business development. 3D event today is listed as a pioneer and leader in the international marketing of the holograms technology. Its success has been rewarded several times and recognized.

Alain Conraud is the Scientific Director of the company. He studied physics lasers and holography applications in the United States; his research has also led to a global recognition and has won numerous international awards. His taste for innovation has led to the design team with all the largest hologram in the world. He filed numerous patents and develops a method for holographic animation.

Vision : Meet the requirements of all partners deploying the values of integrity and excellence
Mission : Promote and invest in innovation, customer satisfaction around a relationship of trust and enable everyone to flourish around the principle of solidarity for a shared success.

Key success factor: Innovation (Research and Development)

e) Product :

Video 3d without glasses

Event offers various 3D technologies for 3D screens without glasses disseminate 3D animations specifically designed.

– Strength: No glasses to use
– Weakness: Risk of visual discomfort to the human eye (more especially children that are less than 10 years).

Video 3d without glasses

Dreamoc (HD, XL, Scandinavia 180, Scandinavia 360, Scandinavia POP):

The holographic Dreamoc are showcases for the promotion of products, brands or logos. Their use is simple and varies according to customer’s request. The display of products is staggering, internet access is possible to generate in the showcase new content.

Dreamoc (HD, XL, Scandinavia 180, Scandinavia 360, Scandinavia POP)

Video mapping :

Video-mapping is a technology that projects a 3D animation on an object or surface volume. It is very artistic requested during events such as the Festival of Lights in Lyon (France), or during events promotions products. Thus, the main customers of this technology are mainly local or large groups.

Some examples of video mapping:

Video mapping

f) Markets served

3D event has performed in many places such as London, Monaco, Paris, Shanghai, Monte Carlo and Geneva. The markets that they served and which they are present are generally places that attracted people which high revenues. They are present in different sectors such as international luxury brands, cosmetics, perfumes, jewelry, watchmaking, economic institutions, regions, pharmaceutical, cars, banks, high-tech companies, and biotechnology, international brand of games and toys, art galleries, museums, amusement parks, city design, organizations design points of sale.

g) Quality

The company was elected in 2008, more young innovative company and has received the support of OSEO-Anvar (background service whose purpose is to support French companies for innovation and growth). The company has received numerous awards for its innovative capabilities and deposited, in his name no less than 8 patents.

h) Capacity

The company is actually very innovative and they reach as far their capabilities in order to push the boundaries out. The creation of the biggest hologram in the world is actually the sign of their capabilities.

i) Organization structure

Our people: The Company is composed as a mix of engineers and commercials, the first one are dedicated to the production and research around development of the technology and the others one are dedicated to prospection for new clients.

Dedication: People are oriented around three values :

– Partnership: Build a strong relation with partners, clients and suppliers
– Innovation: Innovation as the first rule
– Quality: The word has two senses, the one is about the quality of products and the other is about quality of working conditions. The company believes both are directly related and have to be in synergy in order to keep the level.

Sales policy: The company offers 3D event takes place in three steps directly addressing the needs of the issuing company, the offer is personalized.

– The first is to choose the appropriate technology need (1 side hologram or multi face immersion in relief …) and to study the various parameters related to the event (space, light, need …)
– The second concerns the realization of 3D content, made by the team internal company event or relayed by 3D.
– The last step is to customize the tool to the company.

j) Facilities

Built : There are two buildings, one which is the head quarter and the other one which is the laboratory.

k) Experience

In exports to other countries : 3D event is recognized and present in many places all around the world. United Kingdom, United State of America, China, Monaco, Switzerland, Germany…

In marketing and marketing research: The marketing is generating by the buzz, the company is well known thanks to its partnerships, prices and recognitions from professionals. Because they were pioneers in the holographic market they took a real competitive advantage from other companies. In fact the technology is the best marketing strategy for the company, because people are just amazed to see this kind of “fictive” technology.

In research and development : Research and development is the core of the business and also the key success factor. They have the desire to change, invent, innovate and transform our environment. They were winners from many places (Ministry of research, Moot Corp Competition, Novacité, OSEO). The company has also 8 patents which show a real effort of investing on research and development (comparing with the lifetime business).

l) Infrastructure

Local collaboration : They collaborate each year with the city of Lyon during the “Fête des lumière” or “Fête du 8 décembre” which is a huge cultural event attracting around 3 millions of people each year.

Technology transfer activities : The Company is open to some partnerships in their website. It means that they are open to collaborate or merge with other companies in order to growth the company and share technological know-how.

Relation with suppliers: They have a strong relation with their suppliers, it is visible in their chart and values, they want to develop a strong relation with every partner, this is a key of success and confidence as the chief executive notes.

Relevant membership : Thanks to the partnership with the Shanghai universal exposition during the 1st of May until the end of October, the company has created a real buzz with around 2500 picture daily taken. The animation represented different sequences which could be reloaded from France.

Packaging : The packaging is definitely on the way of technological and innovative companies: pure and simple. Everything is on the technology.

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