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1) Marketing Analysis

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Created in 1984, “Hologram Industries” is a French company specialized on the protection, authentication, and authenticity of documents. Today the company has diversified its activity and is now attacking the industrial market. The reasons for a strategic shift intended by the company can be explained by the entry of new competitors on the world market which makes it more fearful some manufacturers who want to ensure the authentication of their products through means that certify the origin. Hologram industry is present in 5 markets: Optical security products, personalization equipment, track & trace software, internet monitoring, control tools.

However, the backbone of the company is mainly in the protection of official documents such as passport, identity card, bank note. Market leader of high security solutions and optical digital, the company is listed for the 2012 European Business Awards which annually honors the most innovative company, committed and ethical on the European continent.

Currently, security is a priority for governments since the events of September 11 and the opening of new markets. Many changes have operated and the security market is experiencing rapid growth and the means implemented are colossal. The solutions that have been taken by the company are for example films for official documents, label protection products, systems management databases.

The company’s mission is: “To provide the best anti-counterfeiting solutions ensuring the safety of our documents, our products or our media content on a daily basis”.

Started to target holographic advertising, they were pioneers of holographic commercial imagery for magazine covers and promotional campaigns. At this time they develop the capacity to reproduce holograms in large quality.

But in 1990, because of the decrease on communication budget they started to tap security market which will be a huge market and huge opportunity. Hologram becomes at this time the effective answer for fighting counterfeiting. ( )

The company has protected the Euro bank notes, passports and identity cards for France, Portugal, the Philippines, Senegal, Brazil … It counts among its customers many governments around the world but also major brands such as Cartier, Schneider Electric, SAGEM. Customer relationships are based on trust dedicated to technology that shows more than satisfactory results.

The company has sales offices in Mexico, Congo, Poland, and bought a German company and 58% of the shares of Congolese society. This strategy over the past 20 years shows the ambition of the company to open up to the international market, but also to establish a sustainable leadership and hard competition.

The company is strong growth in a mature market; it has established itself through innovative products and services. Ability to innovate is turned directly to the customer’s needs and shows a tactical communication based on trust and recognition. The European Business Awards could mark the company’s dominance in the market.

Marketing Analysis

a) ID Business Card(8):

ID Business Card

b) Turnover by market :

Turnover by market

Net sales by market as follows :

– Identity documents (74.2%) laminating films for transparent identity cards, driving licenses, passports, visas…
– Brands: (16.1%) self-adhesive labels for watches, cigarettes, alcohol, pharmaceuticals…
– Fiduciary documents (3%): hot stamping film for banknotes, tickets, checks, credit cards…
– Other (6.7%).

c) Geographical Repartition

Geographical Repartition

The geographical distribution of sales is as follows :

– Western Europe (32.1%) Eastern Europe (28.6%)
– Asia-Pacific (23.7%) Americas (10.1%)
– Middle East and Africa (5.5%)

d) European Business Awards

Since 2007, this event brings together more than 15,000 business across 30 countries of the European continent, companies compete in their industries as cosmetics, engineering, fashion, online businesses, manufacturing and transport. Judges present at the event are senior politicians, heads of leading companies, entrepreneurs, media executives and university outcome from 30 countries. In 2011, the combined turnover of the participants represented 1 trillion euros, or just 8.23% of the GDP of the European Union and employ 2.7 million people.

Suffice to say that the event appears as elitist and for every winner recognition generates significantly increase turnover and a more enriched address book. For example companies like H & M, HSBC, or Companeo received prices last year.

8 Presentation of the company for the EBA:

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