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The 1990s appeared a terrorism led by uprooted without specific political goals but animated exclusive transcendental vision. Composite groups forming galaxy BIN LADEN have gradually moved away from their geographical or national objectives. Defeated locally, they are re-motivated in a universal messianic terrorism and express their rejection of the Western world by a suicidal unprecedented violence. Without moving the fight to the enemy, and bring fire on its territory as wanted Dr. AL-ZAWAHIRI, AQIM has made a return on the near enemy. The battlefield is moved to the Sahara-Sahel zone (abduction of tourists and humanitarian attacks garrisons and convoy attacks by Western companies, criminalization Sahel) where the vastness of the territory and the poor military resources of neighboring countries make it difficult disposal.

To complicate matters, the Sahel has become a “resource conflict” fanning lusts between North, emerging countries and states of the field to appropriate mineral and oil wealth. This confusing situation is not without incident on solutions ay made to restore peace and stability in the region. So much so that the capture of northern Mali by these terrorist groups was a telling fact that each character of the disunited states hit by terrorism in the interpretation of threat. Faced with this situation, the equation to solve is to find a delicate balance to counter the real threat without power. That is why the Sahel today that acting is a challenge for our future security: that is to say, set an ambitious way to fight and sustainable development combining, and secondly, work background on their minds. Whatever happens we are, installed in this area in the long term.


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