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Books :

– Holographic Imaging (14th April 2008): Written by MIT Professor Steve Benton. Explain the science behind holograms in terms and diagrams that do not require an MIT degree.
– Shoebox Holography (1st April 2000): A Step-By-Step Guide to Making Holograms Using Inexpensive Semiconductor Diode Lasers
– GABOR, Dennis. Inventing the future. Pelican Books, 1964. 199 p. Niels Bohr library Books. ISBN: 0140206639
– GABOR, Dennis. Innovations. Oxford University Press Inc., 1970. 113 p. ISBN: 0195194128
– GABOR, Dennis. The mature society. Praeger Publishers, 1972. 208 p. Niels Bohr library Books. ISBN: 1399015168

Websites :

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Youtube selection

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