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E -a Methodology

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In order to test the four hypotheses a questionnaire has been sent to different persons in order to
execute a qualitative research. Seven persons have accepted to answer to these questions; thanks to
these professional answers it will be interesting to compare them to the previous academic findings.

The questionnaire is composed by eight questions which embrace the entire project of the Greater
Paris. The seven profiles selected are really different from each others as the Grand Paris project is
large, this multitude of profiles permitted to have answers from specialists about all the subjects :

transports impact, business development, IT development or green economic growth.

Indeed as we just mentioned, their profiles are varied: Roxanne Dugenetay (City planner), Jean-Paul
Chapon (Writer of “Paris est sa banlieue”), Thierry Galeron (Director of Champagne-Ardenne station),
Florent Riveron (Environmental engineer), Georges Meitg (Director of Relay H transports – Paris Ilede-
France), Laurent Bach (Researcher of the University of Strasbourg) and Anthony Crenn (Project
manager of Paris Métropole).

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