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In this paper, we have been able to analyze the different tools for the region of Paris to create an
economic growth through the project of Greater Paris. Indeed, the government has created La Société
du Grand Paris, in order to take in charge the economic issues of the city and comfort its rank of
global city. We have seen the actual situation of Paris which is at the moment one of the leading cities
in the world in term of GDP. According to Anthony Crenn, the mission of the Greater Pars is to
maintain the city in the top ranking, by improving the quality of life of the Parisian, increasing the
access to the transports and to favor innovation within Paris Ile-de-France.

Due to academic researches we have seen the conditions to see efficient transport on a regional level,
but also on a national one. We have exposed what could be the consequences for an economy by
investing in such a project. In our case, we have seen, that this creation could permit an homogeneity
of the Parisian territory concerning companies location, and also the benefits to link all the big
competitive pole of the region together. Nevertheless, it is important to notice that the research has
shown the transports as being only a “support infrastructure” and would be totally inefficient as a
single investment. This paper has also demonstrated the real power of this public investment to create
some economic growth, without fearing an outflow of capital. We also demonstrated how do such a
project impact positively the development of IT, generates a higher productivity of R&D, and can also
help to the creation of a green cluster.

Unfortunately this paper presents some limits; the most evident would be the difficulty to forecast the
real impact. Indeed, it is difficult to assume the future consequences of this project, as all the academic
data used in this paper are all concerning specific regions. Also the political aspect of this project
makes it more difficult to obtain unbiased findings. The project being young does not permit to have
precise information on the project: the way it will be financed, where exactly the train will stop or the
name of the constructor of the automatic line which has not been decided yet, or at least has not been

We have now to see what will be the next steps for the Greater Paris, to see how the construction will
advance, and new projects will be proposed. The evolution of Parisian mind will be also really
interesting to investigate. At the moment, the social differences better inner Parisians and people living
in the suburbs are strong, it will be interesting to analyze if the geographic closeness created thanks to
the new public transport infrastructure will also impact the social differences by mixing all the social
classes? Does this project will really impact the national economy? Do the other French regions will
not suffer from a capital too powerful?

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