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As a part of a dissertation research at Oxford Brookes University, we are conducting research regarding the opportunities of IT services offshoring in Morocco.
The purpose of the study is to determine the most influential drivers that lead many European companies to outsource their IT activities to Morocco, to establish the extent to which these companies experiences has been successful and to determine whether the expected factors could be improved.

Due to your position as a manager in a company outsourcing a part of its activities in Morocco, you have been chosen for this interview. Overall, 6 to 10 companies in similar activities will be included in the study.

Participation in the study will require answering questions from an interview that will take approximately 25-30 minutes of your time.

Your answers will be kept confidential and your responses will not be linked to your company; they will be reported as a group.

 Could you give me an overview of your company? (Main activities, locations, staff)

 How long have you been experiencing offshore outsourcing?

 What are the reasons for adopting the offshoring?

 How important quality in your projects?

 When have you started outsourcing you IT activities in Morocco?

 Why Morocco?

 How did you proceed? (contact with local companies? Opening a branch? …)

 What are the main advantages you have took from it?

 Did you find the human resources with the required technical skills in the country?

 What are the main problems you have faced?

 What could be improved?

 Do you have a long term strategy about your outsourced projects to Morocco?