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This report of the Upper Diploma of Studies Specialized (MASTER DEGREE) option Planning Programming Management of Development concerns the growth strategy of the territorial units of Cameroon through the development of the production decentralized by electricity. The objective here is to present how regions with a measure of autonomy within the municipalities or the links between local authorities can take up a local, regional strategy, an energy project of development while staying in phase with the stakes in national development.

The development of a country with the aim of a satisfactory economic growth, leading to the reduction of the poverty as Cameroon cannot be reality on condition that an energy policy defined on a strategy of planning integrated by energy resources, based on a participative approach while emphasizing the approach genre is highlighted. The Strategic Document for the Growth and the Employment (DSCE) establishes for Cameroon the lever regarding strategy of development of sectors favorable to the emergence of Cameroon before 2035. But it lives a problem: the consideration of the small producers of the resources or the not development of the capacities of the small producers no matter their business sector.

With the decentralization policy it settles another look on the principle of development of regions with a measure of autonomy mainly in the energy sector. Within the framework of this work it seemed to us useful to rerelease the assets of territorial regions as main actor and the legal frame for the development of the sector of the electrical energy through the production decentralized by the electricity. By a partnership of the community with other actors or municipalities were invested in this sector, the municipalities can develop their community by putting in the foreground the resources susceptible to increase them receipts by consequence entrained the emergence of several projects springs of development of this one inferring that of Cameroon.

The technological innovation in the field of the production-transport-distribution of the electrical energy contributes to the cost cutting of electricity production and the decrease of the hand of work thanks to the automation of the modern operating systems of electricity.

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