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The situation of Dahomey Gap and human activities require a special character to the
flora of southern Benin. What causes the restriction of habitats and serious threats to
many species Chrysophyllum albidum.

Chrysophyllum albidum is part of the list of highly endangered species and who receives
no transfer policy in Benin. To assist the conservation of the latter, we leave on the
basis of systematic sampling of a population of at least 4 individuals, which allowed us
to search for the species habitat and take stock dendrometric then propose a
conservation measure.

A multi-component analysis performed on the various parameters and found
phytosociological (F1 and F2: 50.20% and F1 and F2: 51.76%). Agglomerative
hierarchical clustering performed on the values of coordinates allowed us to establish
the dendrogram and the card to finally release factor among many other habitats most
suitable for the development of the species (under xlstat 2010).

ACD in Pc Ord Pro5 and calculation of various indices of diversity allowed us to
characterize the different plant groups under Chrysophyllum albidum through factorial
map and dendrogram respectively 37.5% and 46.04%, allowed us to identify five
different plant communities within which binds Chrysophyllum albidum.

Under Minitab 14, it was the diametric structure set by the adjusted coefficient of
Skewness. Then the Kolmogorov-Smirnov test on the different means and standard
deviations of regeneration and large individuals of Chrysophyllum albidum to compare
two samples to assess the possible renewal of the stands.

Finally the model of Orellana was used to propose various operations, conservation and
restoration in the preservation of the species.

Keywords: Dahomey gap: where the savannah comes directly in contact with the barrier
beaches, DCA: Detrended Correspondence Analysis.

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