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The Greater Paris has been the most important economic plan of the last decades for the region Paris
Ile-de-France. Indeed since the creation of the villes nouvelles in the 60’s-70’s, the French capital
region has been definitely less active than its European competitors as London, Berlin, or Milan.

The Grand Paris project is the creation of different projects to modernize the city and the region to
generate a stronger economic growth than the current one. The natural question regarding this issue
would be: How would this Grand Paris project generate an economic growth?

To answer at this question it will be primordial to analyze the main project of Le Grand Paris: the
creation of an automatic tube line around the city. To be more complete about the eventual economic
growth expected, the paper also analyzes the different projects proposed to governments by ten
architecture agencies.

These analyzes are composed by academic researches demonstrating impact of investment transports,
Science parks or Green clusters.

Indeed, as the Greater Paris project covers many issues, this document is composed by a multitude of
topics such as macroeconomics, urbanism, law, architecture, territorial marketing or IT.

From these topics, four hypotheses have been formulated. Indeed, due to the academic papers
collected, these hypotheses have been formulated and discussed by seven specialists of the topic in
order to validate or invalidate them.

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