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4.1.2. FIRM2

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Firm2 is a Spanish IT services company specializing in new information technologies and communications. It has a workforce of 135 employees and has several offices in Spain. The Company’s primary expertise lies in the design and production of applications in package mode using Microsoft Dot.Net and J2EE technologies and in the virtualization and protection of network and system infrastructures supporting these types of applications.

Firm2 opened an office in Casablanca in 2003; three years later, their office counts almost half of the total number of employees and is performing most of firm’s backoffice activities that include software conception, programming, maintenance and helpdesk. Driven by the market’s demand for cost-effectiveness, R&D functions have also been moved to Moroccan offices last year.

I had an interview with the director of the Firm2’s Moroccan affiliate who was one the initiators of the project of implementation in Morocco. He is a Moroccan engineer who occupied different positions and conducted big projects for the firm in Spain. He presented his company as an SME having grown steadily and who could be considered to be one of the leading IT companies thanks to its innovative products.

In fact, with the backing of an investment bank, Firm2 has designed and developed an innovative solution for the automatic generation of Microsoft Dot.Net and J2EE web-based applications that allows fast and easy deployments. All the conception and development phases are undertaken in Morocco, while Spain offices are in charge of product commercialization and marketing.

« Our product is based essentially on the engineering principles of the models recommended by the main international standards organizations. Thanks to its innovative aspect, we were able to get investors who are helping us to commercialize the product worldwide »

Firm2’s Moroccan affiliate director described the solution as offering substantial gain in terms of the time taken for deliveries and meting user requirements. The company realigned its strategy and forged partnerships with many major software providers who could use this solution to get a better competitive advantage in term of cost and development time.

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