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3D EVENT – Jean Luc Peyno

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Jean-Luc Payno made his national service with Handicap International. It develops solutions to adapt workstations specific needs of people with disabilities. His internship studies led him to work in the holographic laboratory of Alain Conraud. Both men remain in contact. Jean-Luc Payno created a web agency that sells soon to a large group. Holography catches him. “Alain Conraud is a researcher. By definition, it looks for a spark. Once he finds it, he seeks a new. We are complementary. My role is to transform the spark to reach marketable solutions and find opportunities. ”

In 2007, 3D Event won a prize from the Ministry of Research. Their project is also defended by the United States with students from EM Lyon, and gets the price of innovative product to Austin (Texas). Since then, the technology of 3D Event seduced number of potential customers. The future is bright So Jean-Luc Payno. He is already looking towards Shanghai. “I had the chance to visit China in particular and computer implementations. The technical level of the country impressed me. ”

1. What is the main activity of your company ?

We create 3D holograms custom made on behalf of our service and in the framework of their communication.

2. You talk about 3D hologram, should wear glasses ?

Absolutely not, nor bezel or screen, is our motto.

3. Who do you work for ?

We work with some major companies in the context of their external communication. The aim is to attract the attention of the public, and give a new dimension to communication, a subtle blend of entertainment and marketing message.

4. How come you have this idea ?

I have always been passionate about optics, physics, electronics, chemistry and new technologies. Holography for me was a combination of circumstances; in fact I’ve always had this desire for entrepreneurship. Need to stand out and be able to provide innovative solutions to people, creating the dream.

5. According to you, holography has its place in the household ?

Our job is to provide communication solutions for the companies. However it is likely that in 20 years, anyone who has access to this technology. At the moment and since its inception, holography has remained confined to laboratories. And even today few companies in the world have chosen this niche. In fact many of them have chosen to use as a means of communication and have opted for another use. I think the time will come when holography will be accessible to the greatest number.

6. If holography will be accessible for all, what are the risks ?

Well as any new technology on the market, there are risks associated with counterfeiting, but holography is a branch of optics, so standards are put in place to ensure the safety of the public eye. In addition, some 3D technologies currently on the market can be dangerous for a child under 10 years
Some current systems seek to reinterpret the brain on 2D images with adult brain, we can do it with more or less effort, but it may interfere with the learning of the vision of a child who has not yet completed the development of the visual system. Thus to believe in the democratization of holography it will take time to research so that we find solutions tailored to the risks of tomorrow.

7. What do you think is a niche in holography remains untapped and could deserve more attention ?

I think mainly the holographic projection in the world of cinema. Moreover, it has already attracted attention before but was quickly replaced by the 2D because it was less expensive and provided an excellent report. We are currently seeing a certain enthusiasm for 3D movies when they are already for years. But with the development of digital holography is entitled to a certain future.

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