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3) The various field of application

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Holography offers enormous opportunities, and in many areas. Take for example the reproduction of works of art that could be displayed in the world, without harming the precious and fragile treasures. Although some skeptics say that tourism would suffer and that this new technology would promote sedentary populations. But I think on the contrary, this technology would allow a better connection and better communication on the other.

Other more common uses are already part of our daily lives, such as quality control through non-destructive testing. Many companies already use holography for this purpose (Canadair, Pratt and Whitney, Goodyear Tires …).
As mentioned above holograms are present on each of our credit cards
, they are used to detect fraud (Caulfield, 1984). If you look at your new credit card, you will probably notice a hologram up to the last three digits. This is a preventive measure. A fraudster who wants to change the last digits of a credit card will break the holographic image. Those involved in the trade will identify more easily attempted fraud.

Holography is a decorative industry becoming more and more important. It is now possible to make decorative holographic ornaments from several forms (frames, jewelry…).

Holography can also be used for marketing purposes. To cite just one example is the Ford Company in a showroom making sense of the reality of his new product.

…But also…

a. Advertising

The embossed holograms, through a process of mass production at a very low cost, are used on discs, as revised or promotional items. Large holograms allow campaigns so prestigious holography has remained a subject untapped.

b. Museum

Very interesting process, it allows to holograph rare or fragile parts, to be presented at exhibitions or to be studied without damaging them. For example, the sword of Napoleon or the staff of Marshal Davout exposed in a Russian museum since 1812 are part of the collections of the Museum of Holography.

c. Art

Artists interested to this new visual art which opens a passage to the other side of the mirror. By 1973 Dali produces holograms and wrote: “A New Renaissance art is the use of holography”

d. Controls – Measures

The holographic interferometry established in many laboratories weather allows, by comparing the hologram of an object in a given state to the hologram of the object (or it) in another state, measure and detect defects in structures or endurance, stress states… Faithful to the micron, the original object, the hologram is also a discussion paper for curators.

e. Information storage – protection

Thanks to the redundancy property (part of the hologram contains, not a fragment of the image but the whole scene) holography is very useful for storing information.

f. Hologram and medicine

With holography, it is possible to create three-dimensional images of bones and internal organs of the human body. This technique allows to quickly and accurately diagnosing the fractures and tumors. If the surgeon can analyze the patient’s case by a holographic model, we know exactly what actions to do in order to perform successfully the surgery case. Still in its infancy, medical holography is a bright future.

g. Hologram and aerospace

Fighter planes fly faster than sound. Pilots must be very alert. The slightest inattention can be fatal. They constantly need to know what is indicated their dials without leaving their trajectory eyes. Holography helps them by projecting an image of dials and direction indicators front windshield.

The hologram permit :

– To reduce the risk of forgery: credit cards
– To access monitoring: holographic badges.
– The archiving in dentistry, for instance, storage molds, or better known, famous barcodes on manufactured goods.
– The replacement of conventional optical holographic optical.
– The processing capacity is much faster predictable longer term in the optical memories, through the decoding to the speed of light.

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