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1) Flexible OLED

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In recent years, displays have invaded our environment (office, public place, car …). Over the past 70 years, technology continues growing and shrinking. Flexible displays are based on OLED technology organic light emitting by diodes.

The first flexible OLED screen is developed by Kodak in 1987 and the first commercialization was in 1997. The goal is to reduce the manufacturing cost while providing rendering and image quality. It seems today’s time this technology will affect any kind of work, they could be found in our newspapers, billboards, magazines, clothing, video bracelet … or even more amazing the Ministry of Defense has bring U.S. soldiers and these astronauts with flexible displays on their uniforms to keep in touch during their mission and give them instructions and advices.

In business it will change the weight of our computers. Everything will be very intuitive and integrated in our environment. It gives more communication. We can imagine a worker who is on a highly risky mission, he will directly have access to information without any difficulty.

Flexible OLED

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